Welcome to Mint Theory | A Brief Introduction


We're the two fitties behind the color-coded Instagram account, ThreePeachyBees. We're fitness-loving, design-obsessed girls with a passion for athletic apparel. 

Our clothing is lightweight and breezy enough for the gym, yet chic enough be to dressed up or down for when you're out and about — athleisure wear, if you will.

As of now, we have limited designs and styles, but no worries! We have plenty more in the works. You can peek at a portion of what's coming soon here.

So, feel free to kick back and have a look around! Follow us on Instagram for regular updates and to be the first to see when we launch new designs and styles. 

If you want to be featured wearing our gear, tag us and #minttheory in your photos.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

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