15 Boozy Cocktails To Get You Hallowasted

To think we use to celebrate Halloween by knocking on strangers' doors and *politely* demanding sweets. I even remember — after one particularly awesome haul, mind you — my dad had the gaul to hand out my hard-earned candy to kiddos after we ran out. I'm not bitter about it or anything *deep breath* Anyhow, those candy-begging days are behind us and the days full of booze fueled antics are far ahead. No matter how you plan on celebrating, here are some delicious cocktails and shots to get you from 0 to Hallowasted real quick:

1. For the movie marathon

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This chocolatey drink, a cozy bed or couch, and Netflix.

2. For your inner basic

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Are you really surprised a pumpkin spice recipe made this list? I mean, we have a whole post dedicated to being a basic betch #noshame.

3. For the college blacklight party

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College and blacklight parties go together like pizza and Netflix. 

4. For Girls' Night In

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Is it really a girls' night without some form of alcohol? Might as well get festive and drink liquid candy corn while you're at it.

5. If you're feeling fancy

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This link actually offers 3 spooktacular (ha ha) cocktails that are pretty enough to be Insta'd. What else would you expect from Martha Stewart? 

6. If you like things creepy

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This Zombie Brain Hemorrhage is the result of mixing Peach Shnapps, Bailey's, and Granadine. 

7. White Russian remix

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Yes, I'm guilty of adding another pumpkin-related cocktail to the list. Sue me.

8. One word, Fireball

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Oh Fireball, so many memories. I love Fireball Cider as a cozy winter drink, so I'm sure it's just as tasty in Jell-O shot form.

9. For the low-cal gal

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A lighter take on a Bloody Mary, so you can have all the fun without all the calories.

10. Spooky shots  

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Nothing screams Halloween quite like blood and body parts. 

11. If you like fruity cocktails

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Trolli gummy worms are my weakness. Team red and blue all the way.

12. Where dessert meets alcohol

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Spiking desserts only make them better in my opinion.

13. The dry ice staple

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You can't have a Halloween-inspired list without a dry ice cocktail.

14. Loose off the Goose

via thegardeningcook

That black sugar rim is a must.

15. Pina Gouladas

via diynetwork 

Not only is the name of this cocktail adorable (and puny) but it's basically a pina colada and everyone knows those are delicious.


Have any Halloween cocktails that should've made the list? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

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