15 Gift Ideas That Don't Totally Suck

Seasonal Style

Santa use to fill my stocking with the latest batch of Pokemon cards (pure crack for 90's kids), yard-long Twizzlers, and those LifeSavors packaged in a cardboard storybook box. Now, he tosses in a bottle of alcohol and calls it a day (not that I'm complaining) #ThanksSanta. Here are some ideas to step up your gift-giving game:

1. For the Juice Cleanse Fanatic

via shopbellac // black polka dot // pink // glitter 

I have a huge collection of water bottles & mugs, yet find myself always wanting more. Does it make sense/do I have enough cabinet space? No. It's just one of those things a girl can never have enough of. 

2. For the Arm Candy Junkie

via abeautifulmess

This one requires some patience of the DIY variety, but the end result is worth it. Plus, a gift always seems more heartfelt when it's made by hand *pats self on back* 

3. For the Makeup Hoarder

via brit+co

There's a LOT of different designs and styles if gold dots and adorable travel cases aren't really your thing.

4. For the Klutz

via casetify // rose gold option

Honestly, you can search "marble phone case" on Pinterest and a bajillion equally adorable options will pop up. If you need help narrowing it down, the link above offers 8 variations ranging from white to black marble. Bam. You're welcome.

6. For The Big Spender

via neimanmarcus

These have a hefty price tag, so think long and hard if the receiver is really worth it. If not… see below ;)

7. For the Aux Cord Hoarder

via birchbox

Tada! An Equally cute yet much more affordable option for your wannabe DJ.

8. For the Coffee Addict

via westelm

I'm more of a Keurig kind of girl personally (shout out to K-Cups!), but boy would this look pretty on my counter.

9. For the Succulent Lover

via waen

These are basically begging you to toss a cute lil succulent into them, but there are many options/colors/sizes for you to make it into a candle holder, terrarium, holiday centerpiece decoration, etc. You can get pretty creative.

10. For the Frequent Flyer 

via shopbop

Headphones are definitely an airport essential. Kinda sad that I have no practical means to justify dropping $200 on these because they are just so pretty. If only these were as workout friendly as my go-tos (I swear by Yurbuds for my fellow fitties out there. Team baby blue all the way. Plus, they're less than $20 #steal).  

11. For the Netflix Marathoner

via lilyandpeabody

As if it wasn't impossible enough to get out of bed, this super chunky knit throw adds an extra level of difficulty.

12. For the Hair Tie Addict

via bittersweet

This idea is the perfect blend of genius & duh that I'm so mad I didn't think of it first. 

13. For the Battery Drainer

via urbanoutfitters

We all have that one friend who wouldn't look away from their phone if their life depended on it. Might as well fuel their addiction with a pretty portable charger. 

14. For the Coffee Table Decorator 

via diyjoy

Heads up! This is another DIY project, but these faux agate coasters are basically cardboard and spray paint so it's pretty painless.

15. For the Girl Who Runs on Coffee

via lhcalligraphy

Script mugs are an essential part to every #basic girls' winter Instagram pic. Don't even try to argue with me on that one.

- B O N U S -

16. For the Girl who Sweats in Style

via minttheory

This addition might be a little biased, but it's also a whole lot of cute. ;)


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